After the huge success we celebrated with our ‘Battle for Your Vote‘ before the last elections, when we reached more than 3 million people on social media and got quite impressive press coverage (including BBC, WSJ, RTBF, ARTE and the likes), we were delighted that the European Parliament has invited us for a repeat during the European Youth Event (EYE) in the evening of June 1 in Strasbourg. 

The concept: Four teams – each comprised of two Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the same political party and a professional freestyle hip hop artist – duel on topics relevant to Europe today. During the freestyle hip hop battle, teams compete by rapping with music on a given topic, effectively debating the other team, going back and forth. The exact topics will be announced at the start of each battle.

The teams (MEPs / Rapper):

EPP: Tomas Zdechovsky / Gramski (rapper)
S&D: Tiemo Wölken, Brando Benifei / Dekay
ALDE: Dita Charanzova / MC Angel
Greens: Karima Delli, Terry Reintke / Felman 
MC / Host: Gardna DJ: Jack Corfield

Check out the below the highlights video + interviews with MEPs.
The full recording of the event is available HERE.