May 13, 2015

European Health Parliament closing plenary session

EHP_AFFICHE_V2We had the pleasure to invite you to participate in the launch of the high-level policy paper written by more than 80 young people from 20 countries, proposing recommendations on how to improve Europe’s healthcare system. The debate and closing ceremony of the European Health Parliament (EHP) took place on June 16th, from 11.00 to 14.30h at the European Parliament’s Library, hosted by MEP Philippe de Backer. Other 8 MEPs participated as speakers in the 7 committee presentations: Margrete Auken (DK; Greens/EFA), Cristian Busoi (RO; EPP), Charles Goerens (LU; ALDE), Karin Kadenbach (AU; S&D), Eva Kaili (GR; S&D), Katerina Konecna (CZ; GUE/NGL), Giovanni La Via (IT; EPP) and Victor Negrescu (RO; S&D).

The young participants with different backgrounds were selected to take part in the European Health Parliament project in October last year and they have been working together during 8 month with the aim of making Europe the best place on earth regarding healthcare. Among the 80 young participants, there are 15 Master Students from the College of Europe and the rest are young professionals working in associations, companies and NGOs related to health. A few of the participants are doctors, nurses and psychologists.

The young “health MEPs” have been working and brainstorming in seven committees around specific topics ranging from big data to prevention of chronic diseases, access to therapeutic innovation, cross-border health threats, electronic/mobile health, the economic dimension of healthcare and patient empowerment. Each committee delivered a high-level policy publication at the end of the program.

MEP Philippe de Backer, who has been championing the EHP since its beginnings, made clear: “Politicians need to listen up. The European Health Parliament members are among the professionals who will be driving and delivering our healthcare in the future. A design for life should be a right for all, not a privilege for the few. The ball is on our court now, in order to ensure this vision is realised.”

You may find here more information on their bold recommendations:

Media coverage related to the event can be accessed at the following at this LINK.

With the five partners – Janssen, Google, POLITICO, College of Europe and EU40, we aim to give young Europeans a platform to publish their ideas and we hope to contribute to a healthier and innovative Europe.

Moreover, interviews with chairs of several subcommittees are available by clicking HERE.

Selection of pictures taken during the event: