Poster_EP_25 aprEU40, the European Parliament Youth Intergroup together with the Think-Tank “Social DOers” have the pleasure of inviting you to the Roundtable “No Generation left behind – pathways to inclusion for current and future generations” – hosted by MEP Victor Negrescu (S&D) and MEP Terry Reintke (Greens – EFA).

The Conference is organised in the framework of “European Coalition for the rights of young NEETs” initiative – a multi-stakeholder platform advocating for better policies and programmes in order to ensure the full social & economic integration of young people, across Europe.

Currently, in the EU, there are 12% of young people aged 15-24 years old in NEET situations, nevertheless those numbers increase up to 19,7% for the young people aged 25-29 years and they stay almost unchanged for the age group 30-34, namely 19,4%. This is clearly showing a structural problem for the entire Europe, which is continuously creating and maintaining a lost and invisible generation.

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The debate will be animated by:

  • Jonathan Murray, Digital Europe/EU Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition;
  • Tanya Basarab, Youth Partnership of the European Commission & Council of Europe;
  • Tony Geudens, Salto Inclusion;
  • Zuzana Vaneckova, European Youth Forum;
  • Marten Verheugt, CSR Europe;
  • Ahmad Wali – Afghan refugee.


The roundtable aims at:

  • bringing together a variety of stakeholders – MEPs, experts & representatives of: NGOs, Social Partners, Business sector and public institutions;
  • presenting opportunities for integration of young NEETs;
  • proposing Policy recommendations for the integration of young NEETs;
  • promoting the use of digital opportunities to bridge the skills gap (especially for the integration of young NEETs);
  • supporting national governments & stakeholders in implementing European policies & making better use of the existing funding – targeting both prevention and intervention measures.


Looking forward to counting on your involvement in this initiative!