Vodafone collaborated with EU40 for the organisation of an event on January 28th 2014 at the European Parliament in order to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by SMEs in the digital Age. During the event, Vodafone also presented to the public the results of the Vodafone-Circle Research survey on “SMEs and Digitization”; we welcomed both entrepreneurs and local authorities to present success stories in which ICT deployment helped sustaining and developing SMEs business.

During the debate, some of the following questions were tackled: at a time in which large chunks of our social and economic life have moved online, where are the European SMEs standing?  How do policy-makers tackle the challenges and opportunities of SMEs digitization? What is happening out there in the markets?

  • Juergen Creutzmann

    MEP, SME Intergroup
  • Roberto Viola

    Deputy Director General, European Commission, DG CONNECT
  • Antti Peltomaki

    Deputy Director General, European Commission, DG ENTR
  • Jan Geldmacher

    CEO of Vodafone Global Enterprise, Vodafone Group

  • Fabian Zuleeg

    Chief Executive, European Policy Centre
  • Beth Pearson

    Founding Director, Circle Research
  • Jose Ballesta German

    Regional Minister of Industry, Enterprise and Innovation, Region of Murcia
  • Luc Hendrickx

    Director Enterprise Policy and External Relations of UEAPME Luc

We are happy to have welcomed all of you to the debate which was followed by a Cocktail reception.