Picture1We were proud to welcome two prominent women to speak about a male dominated industry. MEP Eva Kaili (S&D, ITRE Member and STOA Chair) hosted an interactive workshop on the petrochemical industry on the 20th of June, from 11.00 to 12.30h, room ASP 5E-3 at the European Parliament.

2017 is an important year for shaping and bringing forward the EU’s political and economic agenda after the Brexit vote and in view of the new US President’s announcements on climate change and US manufacturing.

The European petrochemical industry, which is faced with all these challenges, too, can serve as a good example to illustrate the current trends, effects and perspectives from the viewpoint of an energy-intense industry with a strong homebase in Europe.

The brunch debate aimed at covering the following areas:

– What is petrochemistry, and is it still relevant in today´s world?

– Can petrochemical products help the European Union to reach its economic and ecological objectives?

– How is circular economy lived in the petrochemical industry?

– How can EU policies foster industrial growth and innovation in Europe?

Dorothée Arns, Executive Director Petrochemicals Europe, had a short presentation on the industry that served as a basis of discussion for the stakeholders in the room.

The roundtable gathered Members of the European Parliament, ENVI and ITRE policy advisers, other EU institutions, in order to have an in-depth exchange related to different issues, ranging from the industry and its competitive situation to legislative pieces currently under review in the European Parliament’s committees.
All the people round the table were able to express their views and develop challenging ideas.

Pictures of the event can be viewed below: