Together with other young politicians from Germany, Terry Reintke has published a “Young Manifesto” with which they want to fundamentally change the content and structure of the policy, not only in Germany (imago / Jens Jeske)

“The Future Manifesto can be transferred one-to-one to the European level because one of our aspirations is to push for a more European policy as well.” We say that young people grew up in a different Europe and therefore often think a lot more European and one European greater openness to cross-border policies.” says MEP Reintke. Politicians and politicians would have to use this much more in order to set new trends in the interests of youth and to try out new political forms.”I think that the European level would be the perfect platform to work more with e-democracy, for example, the question of a European Citizens’ Initiative that is finally strengthened and no longer has such high hurdles. to revive European democracy. ”

But new ideas often have a hard time. The average age of MEPs in the European Parliament is 54 years. Out of 751 deputies, only 83 are younger than 40.

In order for young parliamentarians to be heard, they organize themselves in loose networks such as the EU40, a group for all MEPs under 40.

In front of Tiemo Wölken’s office hangs a blue EU-40 poster. The 32-year-old sits for the SPD in the European Parliament. And as a member of the Budget Committee, he tries to regularly raise issues that are relevant to young people.

Eva Maydell, a 32-year-old MP from Bulgaria, was also one of the few in the conservative faction of the European People’s Party to vote for the transnational lists.

As president of the “European Movement”, a pan-European association of organizations with the aim of promoting a united, federal and democratic Europe, it wants to fundamentally change something:

“First, bring the younger generation into politics, we are the people who can reach the youngest people most quickly and effectively, and second, we are the generation that can oppose the populists, populism appeals to people’s feelings. I think we have the means to get the citizens of Europe right. ”

Like the authors of the “Young Manifesto”, Eva Maydell proposes project-like work on a European level. Develop common European positions across political groups – something that used to be rare in the past, is easy to imagine today.

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