Alan Kelly

Current: Minister of State for Public and Commuter Transport
Alan Kelly was elected to the 31st Dáil in 2011 in his first attempt. He currently serves as Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport with special responsibility for Public Transport and Commuter Affairs. Alan comes from Portroe, Co. Tipperary and his family are steeped in the Labour tradition. He has a widely recognised record of hard work and delivery both on a local, national and European level.
His focus is on job creation, supporting business and sustainable growth. Some of his priorities are: supporting graduates in their efforts to find work, supporting tourism infrastructure and initiatives and developing and leading Smarter Travel Initiatives.
Alan previously served as MEP for Munster/Ireland South and was a member of a number of key committees in the European Parliament including the Internal Market Committee, the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and the US – EU Inter-parliamentary delegation. In addition to these committees, Alan used his position as MEP to bring a voice to the European Union that echoed the concerns and issues of the people living in the Munster region. Providing a strong voice for the people of Ireland South constituency was always to the forefront of Alan Kelly’s mind.
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