Burkhard Balz

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Germany MEP 2009 – Present


Burkhard Balz was born on 24th of July 1969 in Lemgo. He was the Vice-Coordinator of the EPP Group in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

Burkhard Balz was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in June 2009, representing the German Christlich-Demokratische Union (CDU) in the group of the European People’s Party (EPP). Since January 2012 Balz is deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU-delegation in the European Parliament.
He is a full member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and has been appointed EPP vice-spokesman.

A successful career in banking equipped Balz with in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets. Before joining the European Parliament, he managed the relations with institutional clients as Vice-President for Commerzbank AG Hanover branch.Burkhard Balz studied law at the University of Göttingen and gained some work experience abroad during traineeships in Tokyo and London. European affairs were already part of his professional life, when he worked for the Commerzbank Liaison Office to the European Union in 2001/2002.

Webpage: http://balz.ims.de/
EP webpage: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/96997/BURKHARD_BALZ_home.html