Advocacy 3.0. Are we there yet? at the Action Day 2013

EU40 and Cambre Associates jointly hosted a session on Advocacy 3.0 at the 2013 Public Affairs Action Day on the 21st of March at Thon Hotel EU.

EU40 MEP Marietje Schaake, named by the Wall Street Journal as “Europe’s most wired politician” shared with the audience the ‘politician’s perspective’ on how she is integrating some of the new channels e.g. YouTube, Twitter, blogs, etc. into her political activities and everyday job as Member of the Parliament. Her story was among the most salient moments of the discussion – she ran for the European elections without a budget by “simply” proposing her programme in ten tweets.

Together with her on the panel, the other participants offered different perspectives from the advocacy arena: Alexandra Bennett, Communications Director for WWF, Adam Mouchtar, Secretary-General of EU40, Bruno Waterfield, Brussels correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and Thomas Spiller, Vice President Global Public Policy for Walt Disney. Transparency was often brought into discussions linked to accountability – “No accountability without transparency” (Marietje Schaake).

Adam Mouchtar: ‘Successful advocacy is the right mix of modern online communication tools and old school media like newspapers and television.  Only the combination of all possible tools leads to a full success strategy.’

Thomas Spiller: ‘Businesses need to stay true to themselves, tell the truth, face their issues & engage as much as they can.’

Alexandra Bennett: ‘NGOs are more willing to take risks and are more successful because we bare all’.