Bringing Rural Areas in the 21st Century: The case of Technology and Agriculture

Food is one of the essential elements of our life. Food not only provides a source of energy for our body, but its industry has a value of trillions of Euros, being one of the most important sectors in terms of employment and revenues in Europe. With the new Farm to Fork strategy of the European Commission, the light is now focused on the importance of producing healthy food in a sustainable manner all over Europe.

Alongside the mere production, several million people work in the production of food in the various EU states. More and more, technology is playing an important role in easing the life of farmers and agriculture is now going hand in hand with this sector, from AI to new machines. However, many regions of Europe are not in the conditions to benefit at best of the combination of digital technology and precision agriculture, making not only their life harder but also having an impact on a variety of aspects of sustainability. 

Hence, EU40 would like to create a discussion around the impact of technology on agriculture, especially in rural areas of Europe. How can we best ensure that farmers around Europe have the instruments to use this technology? How can rural areas and all the regions of Europe be at the forefront of technological and innovation development?


  • Isabel Benjumea, Member of the European Parliament
  • Jorge Pinto Antunes, Cabinet of Commissioner J. Wojciechowski
  • Geraldine Kutas – Director General at European Crop Protection Association (ECPA)