Building Gender Equal and Inclusive Workforces: Creating a safer space for all!

Too many women are still falling victim to the trap of gender inequality. They face a lack of basic freedoms and opportunities and are confronted with huge inequalities in their working environments. According to the World Bank, globally, less than half of women have jobs, compared with almost four-fifths of men. 

The Coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated these inequalities, and women have been especially hit by the negative consequences of the crisis we are going through as a society. Now more than ever, it is obvious that our political structures must act and address these issues. It is the only way in which we will be able to successfully address the economic and social crisis our society faces due to the current pandemic. 

Promoting Gender Equality is a fundamental EU value deeply rooted in the EU treaties. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, has been very vocal in her commitment to equality, to reach the EU’s highest economic development. To this end, the European Commission has brought forward the European Gender Strategy, recognising equality is needed in all political areas in order for the EU to be able to utilise its talent and diversity and reach its full potential.

Plenty of EU based companies, institutions and SMEs are actively working to address issues of inequality in their working structures. How are they working to actively change unconscious biases in the labour market? What can we learn from these efforts to best transition into a more equal and just society post Coronavirus outbreak?


  • Frances Fitzgerald MEP
  • Lesia Radelicki, Cabinet of Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli 
  • Louise Prashad, Global Talent Director at Diageo
  • Brussels Binder Representative, Audrey-Flore Ngomsik
  • Daniela Ramos Giraldo, Moderator, EU40 Communications Strategist