Common Charger: a new reality that will save us millions

The EU has been grappling with the issue of charging devices for years, with several different manufacturers using different types of chargers. MEP Alex Agius Saliba will tell us about his work in favour of the common charger.

This not only causes inconvenience to consumers but also contributes to e-waste and pollution of the environment. The European Parliament has been actively working towards sustainable development and promoting a circular economy and one of the major areas of focus is electronic waste management. The EU Common Charger directive is now a reality, a crucial initiative that aims to promote a sustainable and efficient charging solution for electronic devices by 2024. 

Disposed and unused chargers are estimated to represent about 11,000 tonnes of e-waste annually. In other words, the new rules will lead to more re-use of chargers and help consumers save up to 250 million euros a year on unnecessary charger purchases.

The objective of this event is to take a look at the upcoming piece of legislation, and discuss with policymakers, industry experts, and consumers about the way forward, the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in implementing this initiative. Let’s raise awareness on the importance of the EU Common Charger and its potential impact on sustainable development. The event will also serve as a platform for stakeholders to discuss.


Join us at the European Parliament on April 25th at 12:00!

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