EU40 MEP Site Visit to Plasma Fractionation Plant

EU40 – the Network of Young MEPs, has organized our second site visit of 2022.  On June 2, our EU40 MEPs and policy experts from across the EU institutions, will make an exclusive visit to a human plasma fractionation plant.

During this up-close Brussels site tour,  participants will have an opportunity to discover how plasma therapies, which are helping to treat a variety of rare, chronic, and life-threatening conditions, are manufactured. Moreover, how we can ensure wider access to these therapies for the more than 300,000 patients currently in need across the EU will also be addressed. The number of patients dependent on plasma therapies in the EU continues to grow year on year, along with their critical needs in plasma-derived medicinal products. However, as things stand, the EU currently has a shortfall of 3.8 million liters (30%) of the plasma needed to manufacture PDMPs for patients in the EU.

During the visit, participants will have the opportunity to discover more about:
• how plasma is collected and what it takes to produce life-saving PDMPs;
• what innovative manufacturing processes are used to ensure safety and effectiveness of these products;
• how plasma collection can be increased to ensure equitable access to PDMPs for all patients in need across the EU.

The site is run by Prothya Biosolutions Belgium, a member of the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA).