EU40 training new MEPs: ‘Hit the ground running and avoid the pitfalls’

A training for newly elected pro-European MEPs
June 25 & 26 @ European Parliament in Brussels


EU40 – The Network of young MEPs – is organising a training for newly elected pro-European Members of the European Parliament. The training seeks to help equip our newly elected MEPs in a way that they will receive a strategic knowledge advantage and thereby have a head-start in comparison to their other newly elected colleagues.

Adam Mouchtar, an EP political strategist and spin-doctor, with 12 years’ experience in the house will lead the training. He will walk the MEPs step by step through a strategy on how best to hit the ground running and avoid the pitfalls that are so common to any beginning. Additionally, the training will count on remarkable experts, who will guide the MEPs through in-depth sessions on Communication and Social Media, Public Affairs, and the EP Budget, amongst several other subjects.


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The training will include topics like:

Set your career goals and know the stepping stones along the way.

How to strategically staff your cabinet: a small enterprise!

Choosing your Committees and delegations. Long-term strategic thinking!

Develop your political narrative: tenacity and commitment to your brand.

Develop your communication strategy. Political messaging & Social Media.

Working with the press: pitching, press releases and your website.

Networking in the ‘Brussels Bubble’: the power of connections.

Lobbyists: what can they do for you? Down the Public Affairs rabbit hole.

Understand your EP budget-lines and don’t miss a penny.

Making full use of the European Parliament’s resources.


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