#EU40Talks Through The COVID19 Crisis

In Times of Crisis, We Adapt and Carry On!  
In times of social distancing, we kept the network going and many fruitful conversations took place. From gender issues to sustainability.  We move our #EU40Talks from the European Parliament premises and into the digital world!
We all had to adapt our home and professional lives, to times that demanded a change in the way we worked and interacted with each other. COVID19 shook the established living structures of our society.

With more than 20 digital conversations, we would like to thank the many young EU40 MEPs (more than 30) that led and took part in our various chats. We are also grateful to all the important personalities that took the time to discuss with us the various issues that our Europe faces today: Commissioners, their cabinets, Ambassadors, former Prime Ministers and Ministers, and of course all the organizations, associations and industries that partnered with us in making all this a reality. 

Take a look and re-watch some of our conversations! 

#EU40Talks amidst #COVID19

A rewarding conversation on sustainability, energy solutions, batteries & hydrogen!
A Sustainable Energy Future? Analyzing solutions on the line.

Our #EU40MEPs joined an EU40Talks, with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, on technology and EU leadership through crises.

Our series of conversations on gender equality
and the path the EU must take to build societies on a base of equality

Artificial intelligence was also on our agenda, and we had a conversation on how AI has been a key tool in the fight against COVID19 and instrumental in helping our societies transition into normal life. 

We brought together about a dozen young brilliant minds, entrepreneurs, idealists from all over the EU to discuss with high-level officials on the many great ways they sideline the crisis we just faced. 
A Yo(EU)th that Strives for More! 

Smart Villages, Technology and Agriculture was also at the forefront of our discussion. 
Bringing Rural Areas in the 21st Century: The case of Technology and Agriculture

With the International Labour Organization, we put together a discussion on the Future of Work, and how to help the Youth face the world post-pandemic.
A great conversation on the #FutureOfWork!

We also discussed with our MEPs, the European Commission and Former Olympian Samantha Clayton about the importance of Life under COVID19 – Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle!

Together with former Commissioner Violeta Bulc (Commissioner for Transport 2014-2019), we discussed the way forward, and what it meant for her to be a Commissioner.
Conversation with Former Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc.
We also had great conversations with former British MEPs Antony Hook and Alexandra Phillips

All in all, the last couple of months have been different, but fruitful & active nonetheless!