Free internal market vs. national protectionism

What is Europe’s role in e-Health for the future? 


Working brunch hosted by MEP Biljana Borzan 

6 November 2018 

10:30 – 12:00 

Room ASG315


EU40 has the pleasure of co-hosting an event on the implications and negative effects of national protectionism on the basic values and functioning of the EU single market, shown on the example of the e-Health sector. 

Healthcare markets in the EU are ultimately shaped by the interaction between the forces of demand and supply. At the same time demand and supply are highly relevant variables in terms of the EU legal regime, although so far not in equal measure.
The impact of European law on free movement and competition on enabling demand by patients for cross-border access to various healthcare services (and goods) is by now well known and documented. 
Against this background, increasing protectionism is a threat not only to the principle of single market, but the EU’s main values and the freedom of movement, goods and services.