From policy to practice: Zero-Pollution Brewing | EU40 at the Brewers of Europe Forum

The Brewers of Europe Forum returns on June 1-4, fully online and free of charge during the #EUGreenWeek 2021. Held on an annual basis, The Brewers of Europe Forum hosts plenary sessions, breakout seminars, and practical workshops around the hot topics currently in the beer world: brewing technologies, brewing skills, marketing, consumers’ expectations, trade, policy, sustainability and trends in modern brewing. 

Join EU40 on Day 4 of the forum, which brings sessions with brewers, policy makers, and other stakeholders, tackling the zero-pollution ambition as well as presenting some of the most exciting innovations and advances in the brewing sector towards the EU’s green ambitions. Sessions will look at the role Brewers are already playing in the Green Deal and how legislation can help to shape sustainability progress throughout the beer value chain.

We will hear how brewers, big and small, continuously innovate, measure and improve their techniques to help reduce their environmental footprint, discuss how circularity, revalorisation of secondary products, and environmental sustainability help cut pollution. We will hear about key brewer projects supported by the European Commission under the LIFE program and the Product Environmental Footprint project, including the recently launched, first PEFCR online tool in the food and drink industry. We will also tackle how packaging system advances have made beer one of the most circular products within the food and drink sector.

Confirmed speakers: 

– Tsvetelina Penkova, MEP (S&D Group)

– Nicolae Stefanuta, MEP (Renew Europe)

Drahomira Mandikova Chair of Sustainability, The Brewers of Europe

– Erik Novaes, VP Sustainability & Procurement Europe, AB InBev

– Moderator: Alessandro Da Rold, EU40 Managing Director


The various sessions on sustainability will be held in partnership with EU40 – the network of young Members of the European Parliament, BBC StoryWorks and the European Parliament’s Beer Club.