New Breeding Techniques: Challenges & Opportunities

Genome… DNA… Genetic Engineering… and Plants?  What do all these words have in common? 

We are pleased to flag and invite you to EU40 – The Network of Young MEPs’ next session of #EU40Talks on Wednesday June 9 at 14:30 CEST. Taking place online, this virtual discussion will tackle the topic of New Breeding Techniques (NBTs or NPBTs). An especially relevant discussion due to the European Commission’s recent release of their New Genomic Techniques publication, EU40 is organising this debate on the challenges and opportunities surrounding NBTs. 

Also known as New Plant Engineering Techniques, these are a suite of methods that could increase and accelerate the development of new traits in plant breeding, but bring some questions with them. What are – concretely – NBTs? Are they similar, or what differentiates NBTs from GMOs? How are the US regulating NBTs? And what about the European Union?

EU40 will thus be bringing together knowledgeable interdisciplinary speakers from academia, the European Parliament, the Gene Sprout Initiative, the European Agricultural NGO EUROSEEDS, and the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.


Confirmed speakers include:

Paolo De Castro, MEP (S&D Group)

Dr. Michele MorganteDirector Agri Genomic Institute & Professor of Genetics, Udine University

– Nikita SajeevCo-Founder & Board Member, Gene Sprout Initiative

– Garlich von EssenSecretary General, EUROSEEDS

– Bruce ZaninMinister-Counsellor for Agriculture Affairs, Mission of the US to the EU / USDA Foreign Agricultural Service


*This event will also be livestreamed on our YouTube channel.