EU & CHINA: A conversation on Research and Innovation

EU & CHINA: A conversation on Research and Innovation

China is one of the EU’s biggest trade partners, with an average turnout of over €1 billion a day. The importance of China as a key partner has been confirmed multiple times by the highest representatives of the European Union, especially in the area of research and innovation (R&I), a crucial driver for economic and social development. The institution of the co-funding mechanism (CFM) in 2016, a joint initiative launched by the EU and the Chinese Government to support joint research and innovation, sets the first steps in this direction.All elements for a successful cooperation in R&I are present, but what is the way forward, in light of the new programme Horizon Europe? What is the status, and what are the challenges and opportunities of an EU-China collaboration in innovation and research? What are the areas where cooperation is most needed, in order to solve the global challenges we are facing? Does access to information remain an obstacle in EU-China joint research?

EU40, the College d’Europe & MEP Ivo Hristov are pleased to invite you to a roundtable discussion with the aim of exploring the opportunities, as well as the challenges of EU international cooperation.

Moderated by

Martina De Sole
Head of Cooperation at APRE – Agency for Promotion of European Research
and H2020 National Contact point


MEP Ivo Hristov
Member of the European Parliament – Member of STOA

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
President at European Research Council

Davide Cucino
President Emeritus & Brussels Representative – EU Chamber of Commerce in China

Dr Bernhard Müller
Professor at Technical University of Dresden – Coordinator TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA

David Harmon
EU Public Affairs Director and R&I Expert at Huawei