The #Right2Disconnect: Tackling the ‘Always-On’ working Culture

Do you work to live or live to work?
This question affects every aspect of our lives, and it is one of the most relevant conundrums of modern times. 

It is common to see employees answering emails and work out of established working hours. It is normal for many employees within Europe to be in a perpetual state of connectedness to their work, at all time!

This 24/7 working culture is detrimental to employees mental health and the development of their personal life.  But what to do, concretely?

EU40 would like to spark the debate around this hot and important topic, the #Right2Disconnect, and explore with relevant stakeholders and policymakers what the approach should be and how Europe should respond. 

On the 5th of December, in the European Parliament, we will be tackling this important right, and the need to officially legislate. 

For this event, we count with the participation of several MEPs that will guide the debate on this interesting topic. 

Co-host: Alex Agius Saliba (S&D – Malta – EMPL)
Co-host: Maria Walsh (EPP – Ireland – EMPL)
Co-host: Monica Semedo (Renew Europe – Luxembourg – EMPL)

Organized by EU40

Date: 5 December 2019 – 11:00 / 12:30

Location: European Parliament – JAN 6Q1


  •  Welcome by Alessandro Da Rold, MD of EU40
  •  Opening remarks by host MEP Alex Agius Saliba (S&D – Malta)
  •  Opening remarks by co-host MEP Monica Semedo (RE – Luxembourg)
  •  Opening remarks by co-host MEP Maria Walsh (EPP – Ireland)
  •  Olsson Stefan – Director at European Commission DG EMPL
  •  Loic Forgeois – European Affairs Advisor at Orange
  •  Zuzana Pucikova – Head of EU Affairs at Uber
  •  Joseph Bugeja – Secretary-General at GeneralWorkers Union Malta
  •  Open discussion and Q&A