Young, skilled, unemployed. High level round table at the European Parliament

Nearly 6 million people under 25 are currently out of work in Europe. In some member states, more than half of young people wanting to work are unemployed. In June 2013, Europe’s leaders launched a plan to combat youth unemployment, committing 6 billion EUR to Youth Employment Initiatives and the European Commission’s Youth Guarantee scheme.

Is it enough?

Will it help solve the employment crisis young people in Europe face today?
The high-level debate “Young. Skilled. Unemployed” held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 4th of September 2013 aimed at debating this crucial issue which puts Europe’s competitiveness in jeopardy.

This half-day debate, organized in close collaboration with EU40 sought to trigger a dialogue between policymakers and seven young students from across the European Union who will soon be facing the challenge of finding a job. These students are bright minds, who have previously excelled in PlasticsEurope’s Youth Parliament Debates.

Amongst the speakers, we hosted on the panel Koos Richelle, Director General DG EMPL, Patrick Thomas, CEO Bayer MaterialScience, Daniele Ferrari, CEO Versalis, MEP Katarína Nevedalová, Dr Wilfried Haensel, Executive Director, PlasticsEurope and PlasticsEurope management team together with the six students, winners of the Youth Parliament debate, twinned with the same number of MEPs from their respective countries. The MEPs who acted as mentors for the students were MEP Philippe De Backer, MEP Mariya Gabriel, MEP Pablo Zalba Bidegain, MEP Emma McClarkin, MEP Herbert Dorfmann, MEP Piotr Borys.

Please find below the pictures taken during the event: