July 23, 2020

A Sustainable Energy Future? Analyzing solutions on the line

We had a great conversation on the clean energy revolution, taking place across the world. Or at least, this should be the case according to the European Parliament, which recently declared we are facing a climate and environmental emergency. In the fight for a greener future, how we produce and use our energy plays a very important role and determines how effective we can be in greening our future.

The clean energy industry has the potential of generating hundreds of billions in economic activity, and is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. There is tremendous economic opportunity for the countries that invent, manufacture and export clean energy technologies. A variety of technologies are working towards this goal from production to storage to be utilized in stationary or transport application. In recent years, sustainable energy means have raised, with batteries, natural  gas, bio energy, and hydrogen playing a vital role. 

Energy is the currency of our modern world, from communications and education, to healthcare and transport. Finding the best combination between the various technologies will be the most important task of our next years to preserve the economy and our environment.

Can sustainable energy provide enough supply for the European demand? What are the pros and cons of each technology? How can politics work towards more sustainable energy means? Is a combination of means, or a single technology the answer to our questions?


  • EU40 MEP Sandor Ronai, S&D – HU
  • Kitti Nyitrai, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner for Energy, K. Simson
  • Constantine Levoyannis, Head of Policy at Hydrogen Europe
  • Diego Pavia, European Battery Alliance – CEO at InnoEnergy
    Moderated by Alessandro Da Rold, Managing Director at EU40


Watch the full recording here: