May 19, 2013

APCO Debate: Can a Future FTA Create a Proper EU-U.S. Energy Dialogue?

It does not happen very often that a high profile US politician finds his way to the European Parliament, so when the former Governor of New Mexico and former US Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson, came together with MEP Christofer Fjellner, Member of the International Trade Committee, a highly interesting debate was inevitable.

Topic of the debate, which was well steered by APCO’s Director Jolyon Kimble,   was the future EU-US Free Trade Agreement and how it could help create a proper EU-US energy dialogue.

The room was packed with a very broad array of stakeholders, from both the private sector and institutional background, who are high-level players in their respective fields.

A broad consensus was found on how the EU and US can work together and learn from each other when it comes to tackling problems and controversies in the field of energy, such as the issues of fossil fuels and shale gas.


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