April 27, 2020

COVID19 & Equality: The Coronavirus and its effect on women

On Wednesday, April 22 2020, we launched an exciting and necessary conversation with Joanna Maycock, Secretary-General of the European Women’s Lobby, and MEPs Kira Marie Peter-Hansen and Frances Fitzgerald, and Daniela Ramos, our Communications Strategist, on the impact that this crisis has brought on women across Europe.

With women being 70% of the social and health workforce, they are at the heart of the care response to the COVID19 outbreak. This crisis has intensified the pre-existing inequalities and dangers that women and girls from different backgrounds face on a daily basis. 

It was agreed that the European Union must be prepared to protect women at all levels and make sure that women are part of the response that will rebuild our societies and make space for equality that is lasting and encompassing for all. 

Stay tuned for future conversations!