January 30, 2020

Discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence with Commissioner Verstager

After receiving Commissioner  Kyriakides and Commissioner Sinkevičius, it was a real honour to welcome, in cooperation with STOA and Eva Kaili MEP, the Vice-president of the European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager for an insightful debate about the future of Artificial Intelligence in Europe. 

The event took place in the European Parliament and count with the attendance of more than twenty MEPs that had the opportunity to ask questions related with a large number of subjects linked to IA, its future possible applications and challenges that this technology may bring. 

During the debate key topics were put in the table as a possible implementation of GDPR to treat personal data with IA but both MEPs and Commissioner Verstager were very serious in the fact of strong regulation, avoiding the Chinese model, to promote the safe use of IA technology that will benefit every European civilian.