November 29, 2012

Enabling Electricity

A sustainable, accessible & affordable energy


On 13 November 2012, EU40 supported  Enel’s initiative Enabling Electricity that promotes access to energy for some of the world’s most disadvantaged populations.

Chaired by MEP Radvilė Morkūnaitė, the event which also included a small photo exhibition took place in the Presidential Salon of the European Parliament and saw the participation of high-ranking speakers – EU Development Commissioner, Mr. Andris Piebalgs, Mr. Florian Peter Iwinjak from the UN’s Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Mr Paolo Iammatteo, Senior Vice-President of Enel.  

The audience composed of MEPs, stakeholders from the energy sector and media representatives highly appreciated the insights delivered  and the diversity of opinions; different aspects of the proposed theme were  highlighted with an emphasis on the social, economic and environmental impact of the programme.

Commissioner Piebalgs’ keynote speech was the highlight of the event. He stated that “energy is the engine of both economic and social growth and that we have to take action with significant investments so that everyone has access to sustainable energy. The distribution and efficiency needs to be improved and production diversified.”

from left to right: MEP Elisabetta Gardini, Mr. Paolo Iammatteo – Senior Vice-President of Enel, Mr. Roberto Zangrandi – Head of European Institutional Relations at Enel, Mr. Florian Iwinjak – Programme and Liaison Officer at UNIDO, EU Commissioner for Development Mr. Andris Piebalgs, seventh from the left MEP Radvile Morkunaite, eight from the left MEP Miroslav Mikolasik.

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Pictures taken during the event: