September 12, 2019

EU40 calls for support for Dr. Amani Ballour at the Sakharov Prize 2019!

In October, the Conference of Presidents will announce the 2019 “Sakharov Prize for the Freedom of Mind”.

The Sakharov Prize honours individuals and groups of people who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and freedom of thought.

The procedure has already started and EU40 would like to invite all MEPs to consider a great candidate for the prize: Dr. Amani Ballour, women, doctor, hero and survivor.

The situation in Syria remains bleak, even though the world’s attention seems to have shifted. Amidst all the horror, Dr Amani Ballour embodies hope in the unlikeliest of places. Between 2016 and 2018, she managed a subterranean hospital in Eastern Ghouta, defied voices that called for her to step down because she was a woman, and encouraged her female medical staff to embrace positions of responsibility.

The European Parliament resolution of 15 March 2018 on the situation in Syria (2018/2626(RSP)) alone mentions Eastern Ghouta over a dozen times. UN Secretary-General António Guterres described it as “hell on earth”.

A strong critic of perpetrators who have committed crimes against humanity, violated international and humanitarian law, Dr Amani has received threats, and today fears for her life. She had to flee to Turkey, because of an increase in assassinations and kidnappings of humanitarian workers, especially women.

She epitomises the selfless defender of human rights, who puts the lives of others above her own. The right to life is the prerequisite for all other rights. Dr Amani placed the future of medical workers, her city, and her country above her own safety, and deserves to be heard, honoured, and above all supported.

Candidates are nominated by political groups but can also be supported by 40 Members of the European Parliament.

Please do contact us if you are an MEP and would like to show your support by signing and endorsing this amazing woman, before the 17th of September 2019!