July 8, 2013

EU40 MEP & Paul Krugman at Princeton Transatlantic Youth Conference

Princeton Transatlantic Youth Conference was the first of its kind, connecting young political leaders from Europe and the USA and thereby supporting the transatlantic partnership. The keynote speaker for this year’s edition was Paul Krugman who was accompanied by an EU40 MEP acting as an ambassador and bringing his/her own experience to enrich the debate.

The purpose of the event was to establish a dialogue and exchange of knowledge and ideas among future global leaders and prepare the next generation of politicians for implementing new policies regarding the transatlantic collaboration. Additionally, the Conference was an established platform for young politicians to participate in policy making by drafting policy proposals for EU and Transatlantic institutions.

The event brought 40 young politicians from the leading political parties of Europe and the USA to the University campus on November 28 – December 1, 2013.

The format included 8 working groups each headed by a Princeton student and a member of the Princeton faculty. The topics ranged from the future of entrepreneurship to the legacy of the fiscal crisis. The participants presented proposals to the board of judges from Princeton and the EU institutions at the end of the Conference, and submitted the policy proposals to the EU Embassy and the Princeton European Union program. For more information on the event and the areas for which policy proposals can be submitted, go here. The outcomes of the conference in terms of policy proposals were submitted to the European Parliament.