February 11, 2011

EU40 open letter to Catherine Ashton on Egypt

Baroness Catherine Ashton
EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs
and Security Policy,
Vice President of the European Commission 
Brussels, 3 February 2011

Dear Commissioner Ashton,

The events currently taking place in Egypt require a strong European response and concrete action. What we are witnessing right now is an uprising against an oppressive regime and a cry for freedom. The rule of law, respect for fundamental rights, free and fair elections and a pluralist democracy anchored in an active civil society are the best means to achieve stability and prosperity. Unfortunately the EU has hesitated in the decisive moments and failed to wholeheartedly back the demand for change in Egypt.

The protesters in the streets of Egypt are mainly young people. Two out of every three Egyptian is under the age of 30 and the majority of unemployed in Egypt are young people below 30.
The young people of Egypt need our support in their quest for a better future. They need to know that at this difficult moment the EU is standing behind them, supporting their dream for a better and more prosperous future. Right now we are failing to support the young generation of Egypt and their wish to see change.

We are all young politicians under the age of 40. Politically we often disagree but we all benefit from the fact that we live in societies where freedom of speech and pluralism are fundamental values. Young Egyptians should have that same right. That is why we, in support of young people in Egypt, ask you as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs to:

* Call for the immediate resignation of President Hosni Mubarak
* Support a transition government with the opposition parties included
* Support the transition to democracy financially and with know how to ensure free and fair elections. Important steps in this process are a new Constitution, a new Electoral Law, reforms of the economic structures, the police system and support for free media

Change will not come in Egypt as long as Mr. Mubarak is President. It is clear that Mr. Mubarak no longer has the legitimacy and the moral authority to lead the process towards democracy. Change is needed and it is needed now. Help us support the people of Egypt by taking a clear stand.

Yours Sincerely,


Damien ABAD,
Ismail ERTUG,
Franziska BRANTNER,
Riikka MANNER,
Karima DELLI,
Christan BUSOI.