October 10, 2021

EU40 Summer BBQ 2021 – The Post Lockdown Edition

EU40 hosted another successful (end-of!) summer BBQ across from the European Parliament. This edition was particularly special and welcomed by all, as the tradition had unfortunately been interrupted in 2020 due to the worldwide pandemic. There was an understandable need for a party, – it seemed as if there was a palpable sense of relief felt in the air…

The atmosphere was relaxed and joyous – Young MEPs and their staff, professionals and officials from the Commission and Council, came together for a good time and had productive exchanges of ideas and networking sessions. All attendees were able to profit from a platform that has the potential to shape young, future-oriented policies for Europe.

A big thank you everyone who participated – we hope it was a great night of fun and networking for you! Thank you also to Google for ensuring that everyone was having a good time, especially with their Google Arts & Culture interactive poem portraits photobooth!

See some of the event photos below and the highlights video.

*Note: The full album can be found here, on our Facebook page.