July 1, 2022

European Health Parliament 2022

On Wednesday June 29, EU40 – the Network of Young MEPs, partnered with the European Health Parliament (EHP), in an important annual initiative, which highlights the policy ideas of young health sector professionals. The presented recommendations, which were detailed at the EHP7 plenary sitting at the European Parliament in Brussels, can be viewed here. Following the plenary, an organised VoxBox, hosted by Euronews, and viewable here, addressed the wider international health context, as well as a number of key points raised by the young health professionals. EU40 MEPs Sokol (HR-EPP) and Benifei (IT-S&D) played an active and engaged role throughout the plenary session.

Along with their eight other partners (Johnson & Johnson, European Patients Forum, College of Europe, PN Ketchum, Mavence, Euronews, YEL, and the European Health Futures Forum), in addition to EU40, the EHP provides the next generation of European leaders with the connections, knowledge and platform they need to build a healthier, more innovative Europe. Each year, the EHP convenes a diverse group of 60 young professionals representing all healthcare sectors. Participants work together for six months to develop policy recommendations that address today’s most pressing European health issues. EHP participants are selected for their contribution to, and potential, to lead in European health policy and, come from a range of educational and occupational backgrounds.