May 14, 2014

Battle for your vote!

On Wednesday, April 9 at 18:30 we hosted a freestyle hip hop battle in the European Parliament, Yehudi Menuhin open space.

Organised by EU40 and MTV Voices, in cooperation with MCI and AmCham and supported by Facebook, this show aimed to get young voters interested in European politics and the upcoming elections.

Four teams – each comprised of two Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the same political party and a professional freestyle hip hop artist – dueled on topics relevant to Europe today. During the freestyle hip hop battle, teams competed by rapping with music on a given topic, effectively debating the other team, going back and forth. The exact topics were announced at the start of each battle. Several youth NGO delegations submitted topics and introduced their topic to the audience while the MEPs briefed their rapper on their stance. The winners were determined by audience applause.

MTV Voices filmed the freestyle hip hop battle and produced a video for distribution.
Furthermore, the event was followed by an after party which took place at Coco, Place Luxembourg!

The MEP teams consisted of the following EU40 MEPs and artists:
For the EPP (conservatives): Sebastian Valentin Bodu & Lara Comi & Dekay
For the S&D (socialists): Ismail Ertug & Sandra Petrovic Jakovina & Mils
For the ALDE (liberals): Jorgo Chatzimarkakis & Marietje Schaake & LeeN
For the Greens: Ska Keller & Michael Bloss & Mos Prob
Our MC for the evening is Ryan Millar and all acts supported by DJ2EZ
Special acts by Uncle Suel & Laioung