July 11, 2020


It is in times of crises, in challenging times, that we are pushed to come back to basics and to act to preserve not only the society we live in but also be an active participant to the shaping of the world of tomorrow. Present times have shown that traditional structures break over extenuating circumstances, and have invited us to reinvent our societies and ways we live our everyday lives. Reactive, engaging and proactive answers were and are still needed to fight off the dire present and aftermath consequences of the current sanitary crisis the world is facing. Let it be known that the necessary solutions may well be found outside the usual compass! It is time to acknowledge the place of the Young generation in our Society, and our guests will definitely demonstrate the reasons why!  

The past few months have been one of the most challenging times that current, and arguably even older generations, have had to face. The Young generation has risen up to this challenge and have proven themselves to be able to stand up for themselves, to independently engage in essential activities to support their peers but also the most affected by the crisis, let it be the medical sector or the elderly. They provided for the actions and changes our reality needs. Oftentimes subject to paternalism, thought of not being experienced enough, or too idealistic, the Young generation are merely listened to. Now is time to empower the Young generation by recognizing that their will is greater than their age.

Hence, EU40, together with a variety of youth stakeholders and organizations, would like to shed a light on a series of incredible young thinkers and doers, to inspire and influence others to always strive for more and take action. Let’s see what the Young generation has to say about the world of tomorrow and let’s spread the word!  

Watch the full conversation here: