November 5, 2019

MEPs Secret Santa Game: Are You Ready?

Have you ever heard of Secret Santa?
Well, we did, and we are making one for MEPs!!!

With the festive holidays rapidly approaching, at EU40, we think it’s the best time to play “Secret Santa” with the EU40 MEPs. 

The goal?
Share our European cultures with each other, and marvel at the diversity of the EU!  The event will be an MEPs event only! 

Let’s take this great occasion to raise a glass and celebrate the holidays, exchange typical gifts from your own country, spend time with your fellow colleagues in a relaxed and informal environment. 

RULES of The Secret Santa Game

1) We will place all participating MEPs names in a bowl.

2)We will take the bowl to each of your offices and have you or your APA draw the name of one of your fellow colleagues that have accepted to participate. 

3)On the 11th of December, we will get together in the EP (or nearby, location and time TBC) and over a drink, we will exchange gifts with each other.

Join us on Wednesday, 11 of  December,  in the European Parliament, and let’s raise a glass to celebrate the diversity in our cultures, our work in the last couple of months, and the many more opportunities to work together that are in our future! 

NB: Gifts should not exceed the €20 limit and should be representative of your country of origin e.g. a traditional sweet, beverage, book etc.