June 9, 2020

The Era of Misinformation? Living a Dangerous Reality Under COVID19

On the 27th of May, we launched a necessary and fruitful conversation on the dangers of misinformation spreading across social media; especially under crisis times brought forth due to the outbreak of COVID19. 

It was a great coming together of political players and industry players, all with the same aim of tackling the spread of misinformation across digital platforms, and empowering citizens to find trustworthy and legitimate sources of information! 

The following speakers joined the panel: 

Eva Kaili – Member of the European Parliament

Daniel Braun – Deputy Head of Cabinet for VP European Commissioner Věra Jourová

Marisa Jimenez Martin – Director and Deputy Head of EU Affairs Facebook

Milan Zubíček – Misinformation expert & Government Relations Manager Google

Kate Brightwell – Head of Government Relations Europe Adobe

Take a look!