November 21, 2019

Talks Politics with Youtubers and MEPs!

On Wednesday 20th, EU40 had an exciting event on the topic “Talks Politics Online: A Young Person’s Game?” in partnership with Youtube. 

We had the opportunity of having in a round-table discussion with established YouTubers and content creators, like @Visualpolitik and @HugoDecrypte  and our MEPs

This was an amazing opportunity to learn from these professionals of social media how to connect youth and politicians. They passed on valuable advice on how to successfully create impactful messages and connect to your audience through social media, to involve young people in politics and break the gap between elected members and civilians.  

Thank you to all attending MEPs and content creators, it was a truly lively discussion!

We look forward to continuing the conversation on various more exciting topics and sparking fruitful exchanges!

Stay tuned!