Aika Alemi

Aika AlemiShe is the creator of the Aika Alemi brand and co-founder of the Kazakhstan Fashion Institute.

Aika Alemi is built around the designer and artist Aika Jaxybai representing the kaleidoscope of her ever-changing world. A fashion brand dedicated to women who share a love for individual beauty, creative expression and femininity.

Aika Alemi is a new collection of ready-to-wear fashion for women who appreciate relaxed sophistication, subtle femininity, adaptable designs and timeless luxury. The Aika Alemi woman is a true global citizen, individual and aware, effortlessly stylish.

Easy to adapt to the wearer’s personal style and need, many of Aika’s designs can be worn in several ways. Collectible transformer garments are reversible and versatile.

Aika Alemi’s creations are influenced and rooted in a deep love for authentic Kazakh culture and tradition. Combining the heritage of local artisan craftsmanship, nomadic designs, Aika‘s vision for her collection emerged with new and fresh interpretations to these ancient techniques and applications.

Aika Jaxybai has been passionate about fashion all her life but is also a filmmaker and an artist. Inspired by a beautiful Kazakh patchwork quilt made by her great grandmother, she knew she wanted to give new life to this cultural heritage by re-inventing and adapting it.

A true and unique Fashion Artist emerged, and Aika instinctively knew who she was designing for:

“We all express ourselves through what we wear, through fashion. Being a busy woman in a fast world, sometimes we forget to be who we really are, and why we came to this life: to be a woman. To be feminine, delicate, naturally beautiful and blissful.”

Aika Alemi employs a range of techniques completely unique to the label. Wool felt on silk chiffons, monochrome reversible quilts and patchworks, nomadic transformer cuts are the very foundation of Aika’s design.