Antony Mammino

Antony Mammino was born in Milan, Italy, on 21 March 1990. He studied at the elementary school ‚ÄúCore Jesus” where he received a Catholic education. He attended the Scientific High school “Alessandro Volta” at the age of 14 where he decided to study economics, striving to better understand the difficult economic context of his country, brought on by the financial crisis, which destroyed many dreams and opportunities for the young generations.

He graduated at the “Universit√† degli studi di Milano Bicocca” in Economy, specializing in banking and finance. In order to increase his knowledge and expertise, as well as to gain professional experience, he plans to continue his studies with a Masters in finance. His interests include football, for which he became a referee, as well as politics. His dream is to become a Member of the Italian Parliament, allowing him to support his country and build important foundations for the future of his generation.