Edith Vervliet

Edith VervlietEdith Vervliet is the former managing director of Flanders Fashion Institute (www.ffi.be) @ModeNatie Antwerp (www.modenatie.com), since 2009 a division of Flanders District of Creativity (www.flandersdc.be)

In 2012 she established www.christophruysagency.com together with the former general manager of the Fashion
Museum (www.momu.be) and Photo Museum (www.fotomuseum.be) in Antwerp. Edith is in charge of the agency’s business development.

Edith also guides and assists designers in the gradual expansion of their business.
Consequently she can rely on a large network in the creative industry in Flanders.

Edith Vervliet currently works as a Managing director SPI (Strategic Partnering Intelligence) – Creative Industries Support.