Jesse-Lee Norville

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Armed with intense integrity when it comes to his work, Jesse-Lee Norville is an artist notorious for his ability to improvise with merely the suggestion of a topic. He encompasses it in a lyrical skeleton and covers it with the flesh of conscious thought. Palpable passion for current affairs, concerns about his community and his desire to ‘edu-tain’ runs through its veins. The final components are the phrases which ultimately become a heartbeat jolting the spectator into a new state of mind.

LeeN is clear that he is not to be mistaken for a poet, a Spoken Word artiste or a rapper. Counting artists such as Damien Marley as a musical influence, he declares ‘I’m a Master of Ceremonies. Whether I’m with my DJ, no DJ or a band doesn’t matter I adapt to the situation ’. He is here to take control and officiate proceedings. Not one to sit on the side lines, the highly sought after St Lucian producer and MC runs his own music production company, NLT Productions, and is a true product of his parents: his mother a successful business woman, his father a famous St Lucian folk singer. When listening to his work you are privy to what he describes as ‘a technical transcript of my subconscious’.