Josep Oriol Guinovart Pedescoll

Oriol Guinovart (born 1991 in Tarragona) just graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Translation and Interpreting Studies (English and Japanese) after spending a year at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan. His major fields of study are related to linguistics and modern Japanese literature and, more recently, the teaching and learning processes of the Spanish language in the Far East Asian countries.

He just returned to Japan to start his Master’s Degree in teaching Spanish and communication, intending to make the Japanese educational system aware of the increasing power and importance of the Spanish speaking countries. He is resolved to create better and stronger bridges between the Latin and the Asian countries and spread the Spanish and Catalan culture.

Oriol is an avid musician, excelling in singing and the piano, which he studied in Tarragona. He also worked with a choir for underprivileged people, struggling against social problems, performing at music events in Barcelona. Next to his music, Oriol is a passionate debater, winning the second place in the PlasticsEurope Youth Parliament Debate 2009 in Rome.