Luke Baker

Luke has obtained his Bachelor degree with distinction in the United States, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, studying International Affairs.

Luke is an international news correspondent with 16 years of experience reporting in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia, with specialist knowledge acquired over the past four years of the European debt crisis and EU foreign policy.

Since joining Reuters in 1997, he has reported from more than 40 countries, with postings in Johannesburg, Rome, Baghdad, Jerusalem, London and Brussels. Coverage has included conflict and security issues in Iraq, the Middle East and Afghanistan, and broader political and social affairs in Britain, Italy, across Europe and in Southern Africa. Before joining Reuters he worked in New York and London covering finance and economics for an Internet start-up.

In Brussels, he manages a team of 15 correspondents covering the EU, NATO and Belgium.



Currently, Luke is bureau chief for Reuters in Brussels. The 25-strong, multimedia bureau covers all European Union issues, from trade, energy and agriculture to foreign policy, competition, regulation and economic affairs. The bureau is also responsible for coverage of NATO and Belgian politics, economics and company news. In his beat, Luke covers foreign affairs, with a focus on the Middle East and Iran, and writes about EU economic policy. He was previously based in London, where he was defense correspondent, and before that had postings in Jerusalem, Baghdad, Rome and Johannesburg. He speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


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