Marietje Schaake

Marietje SchaakeMEP

Vice-Chair –┬áDelegation for relations with the United States



Democraten 66

EP page:
Twitter: @MarietjeSchaake


Committee on International Trade
Committee on Foreign Affairs, Substitute
Subcommittee on Human Rights, Substitute

Delegation for relations with the United States, Vice-Chair
Delegation for relations with Iran, Substitute

Marietje Schaake has been particularly active on social media, where she freely shares information about her work in the European parliament. However, according to those nominating her, she understands that social media is not only about advertising or self-promotion. She often communicates on EU and world affairs in a highly instructive way, aiming to raise awareness of many issues among her followers. She has also proven very responsive on these various platforms and her daily use of social media demonstrates that it is not just an additional campaigning platform during election times: social media can be used as a participatory tool at any time, helping to bridge the gap between voters and politicians.

Marietje as been nominated to the MEP Awards 2014 in “Best Use of Social Media”. This award recognises an MEP who has tweeted the most effective and entertaining tweets and who has used Facebook to inform, amuse and provoke debate amongst their followers.

Photo credits: Bram Belloni