Petra Kubikova

petra kubikovaStylization of shapes, simplicity, combinations and purity are typical for my making. I find inspiration in Japan, music and situations around me. I see creation of a garment as a game, experiment, erratum, and another experiment…textile statue, object with its own soul and story.

The main and decisive factor is material and its nature. I work mainly with natural materials like wool, cotton, leather…



Curicullum Vitae

12.6.1986, Krompachy, Slovakia

1992-2001 – Elementary School St. F. Assiského, Banská Štiavnica
2001-2006 –General high school, Banská Štiavnica
2003-2004- Xavier High School, Wisconsin, USA
2006-2012-Japanese language and intercultural communication, Komenius University Bratislava
2009-2010- Ferris University, Jokohama, Japan
2007- – Fashion design, AFAD Slovakia

2011- Bratislava: event „To by som aj ja spravil a lepšie II“
2012- Bratislava: Summer Urban Market, Fashion Show
2012- Bratislava: Winter Urban Market, Fashion Show
2012- Monako, Competition finalist Jeansation
2012-Bratislava Fashion Weekend, ateliér 343, AFAD
2012- Bratislava: Event „To by som aj ja spravil a lepšie III“
2012- Banská Štiavnica: Biennale of plastic and drawing
2013 – Best Fashion Graduate – Winner (Prize by Slovak Fashion Council)
2013 – Bratislava Fashion Days
2013 – Bratislava Fashion Live! Catwalk Show
2013 – Winter urban market
2013 – Bratislava: Ponteo Fashion Show
2014 – London: International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week

About the Collection: Moment of the Movement

MOMENT OF THE MOVEMENT collection is inspired by Japan. The atmosphere of this country of rising sun, which the author experienced during her studies in Japan, is reflected in the garments of this collection. Their typical features are simplicity, clean forms, mild colors and freshness. You can find typical shapes of traditional Japanese dress kimono here, as flatness, deep neckline, kimono sleeves, „oversize“, closing systems with belts and brooches.
Author of the jewellery is Nina Valíčková, AFAD student, Jewellery Atelier.