Saskia Van Uffelen

Saskia Van Uffelen has been working in the sector of information and communication technology (ICT) for over 25 years. She held national and international sales and marketing functions in companies such as Xerox, Compaq, HP and Arinso. She became CEO Belgium and Luxemburg of Bull and CSB Consulting in 2008. She helped turn around the company from a product-focused vendor to a provider of services and solutions.


As a manager, Saskia Van Uffelen always has a keen eye on the human aspects of collaboration in a company. She focuses heavily on ensuring the synergies between the different generations inside Bull, and in interview and guest columns she urges her colleagues to do the same.


In 2011, Data News awarded her the title of ‘ICT Woman of the Year’. She used the publicity that came with this title to draw the attention to the ‘IT is Cool’ program, which aims at making the ICT-sector a more appealing employer to young people. She is also an avid campaigner to introduce all modern digital tools in the education system.

In November 2012, the federal ministry of economic affairs appointed Saskia Van Uffelen as ‘Digital Champion’ for Belgium.