Sima Shine

Senior Research Fellow

Sima Shine joined INSS as a senior research fellow following her departure from the Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, where she served as deputy director general, responsible for the Iranian file (2009-2015). In this framework she was heavily involved in the diplomatic contacts in recent years on the Iranian issue. Prior to that, she served as deputy head of the National Security Council for Strategic Affairs (2008-2009). For most of her professional life, Ms. Shine served in the intelligence community – in the IDF Intelligence Corps and the Mossad – including head of research at the Intelligence Division of the Mossad (2003-2007). In this context, she was responsible for preparing the periodic and annual intelligence assessments on regional and international issues.

Ms. Shine holds an M.A. in political science and security studies, a B.A. in Middle East studies, and is a graduate of the National Security College.