In light of the European Parliamentary elections on May 20-25, it’s becoming increasingly important to promote online voter participation and turnout among Europe’s youth. Based on this idea, and supported by all major European political parties, non-governmental organizations and volunteers have come together to assist in the production of Happy Voting, Europe’s first non-institutional and large-scale voter-turnout campaign, representing Europe’s diverse populations. It happns here: and with: #EvensFoundation #VoteInMay #EP2014 #HappyVoting #YoungVoters In past European elections, a general lack of information on the elections and the issues at stake meant that around 70% of the European Union’s youth did not make use of their right to vote. As a consequence, the focus on young people’s needs and interests was alarmingly low. The video is shared through a variety of channels, including social media sites, blogs, websites and media outlets. The campaign does not use advertisement tools and [...]