May 4, 2023

European Pharmaceutical Strategy at a crossroads: Independence versus market consolidation?

On Wednesday, 3rd of May 2023, EU40 – the Network of Young MEPs, and MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos, hosted an event titled: “European Pharmaceutical strategy at a crossroads: Independence versus market consolidation”. 

The debate aimed at bringing together various stakeholder perspectives to discuss key issues under the upcoming revision of the pharmaceutical framework. The panel responded to the main question of To what extent are we creating a future proof regulatory framework that encourages industry to promote research and technologies that ensures patients equitable access in the EU?

The event took place at the European Parliament and encouraged a discussion amongst EU policymakers, academia, civil society, and industry. It assessed key issues in the spirit of collaboration, moving towards a once-in-a generation opportunity to shape the future of healthcare and innovation in Europe.

Opening remarks were given remotely by host MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos.

Mr. Theodore Tryfon, Executive Member of Medicines for Europe and President of Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF) gave a keynote speech before Hélorie Duval of EU40 introduced the discussion. 


The discussion was structured in two parts:

  • Panel 1 – Europe’s Strategic autonomy in healthcare. Strengthening
    investments in essential medicines and APIs production in Europe


Gloria Ghéquière – Adviser Cabinet Frank Vandenbroucke Vice-Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health – Belgian Federal Government

Philippe Drechsle, Vice President, EU Portfolio, TEVA



  • Panel 2 –  Ensuring equitable and timely access to medicines


Anca Toma – Executive Director European Patients’ Forum

Olga Solomon – DG SANTE Head of Unit D.1 Medicines: policy, authorisation and monitoring

Adrian Van Den Hoven – Director General Medicines for Europe


The panel agreed that medicines shortages can be prevented with additional support of the supply chain and coordinating through a more transparent European system. Shortages can be  anticipated with the right centralisation of data and by being able to move medicines from one country to another easily. That includes the use of a digital leaflet that would prevent having to print instructions of use in different languages or having to repackage.


Check-out what MEP Kympouropoulos had to say: