On June 28th, energetic pro-Europeans are teaming up to perform an anti-Brexit flashmob. It will take place at the Schuman Circle, during the EU summit.

Let’s put a bit of fun, rhythm and imagination into fighting Brexit and support the campaign for a People’s Vote on the Deal.


Volunteers are needed

We need volunteers to take part in the flashmob, but also to help with logistics, hold banners and distribute leaflets.

What do you need to do?

Send an email to flashmob.brussels@gmail.com with your name and cellphone number.
Train with our professional coach for three or four once-weekly evening sessions in June.
Be available at lunchtime on 28 June.
Pass this message on to your friends or acquaintances.

We’ll let you know the details of times and places for training when these are finalised.

Remember, Brexit is bad for the EU too: you don’t have to be British to fight it.

Keep cheerful and don’t give up. Brexit isn’t a done deal — NOT YET!