April 6, 2018

Battle4YourVote at the European Youth Event (EYE) 2018

After the huge success we celebrated with our ‘Battle for Your Vote‘ before the last elections, when we reached more than 3 million people on social media and got quite impressive press coverage (including BBC, WSJ, RTBF, ARTE and the likes), we are delighted that the European Parliament has invited us for a repeat during the European Youth Event (EYE) in the evening of June 1 in Strasbourg. 

The concept: Four teams – each comprised of two Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the same political party and a professional freestyle hip hop artist – duel on topics relevant to Europe today. During the freestyle hip hop battle, teams compete by rapping with music on a given topic, effectively debating the other team, going back and forth. The exact topics will be announced at the start of each battle.

The teams (MEPs / Rapper):

EPP: Tomas Zdechovsky, EvaMaydell (tbc) / Gramski (rapper)
S&D: Eva Kaili, Brando Benifei / Dekay
ALDE: DitaCharanzova, Angelika Mlinar / MC Angel
Greens: Karima Delli, Terry Reintke / Felman 
MC / Host: Gardna DJ: Jack Corfield

Watch below the summary video of the rap battle:

The gallery of photos can be accessed at this LINK. Click HERE for the full recording of the event.

Additional Links:

Financial Times comment on the battle: https://www.ft.com/content/930f5590-63e8-11e8-90c2-9563a0613e56

EurActiv summary video : 

Pictures on the European Parliament website: https://multimedia.europarl.europa.eu/en/european-youth-event-eye2018-battle-4-your-vote-a-political-rap-battle-artistic-performance-organise_20180531_EP_072099I_FMA_023_p#ssh

Pre-Teaser by Felman: https://youtu.be/_5F21w-Er5E